The Forces of Darkness

by Rebel Souls

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Thor Nay at Wave Nation Recording & Mixing Studio, Ronda


released February 24, 2017

Guitars by Thomas Plewnia
Bass and vocals by Stefan Hielscher

Session drums by James Stewart

All acoustic guitars performed by Rafael Marín Becerra, backing vocals by Ismael Pérez González

Cover artwork by Vlad Marica, band logo by Grind Brothers Art



all rights reserved


Rebel Souls Málaga, Spain

REBEL SOULS is a death metal project originally hailing from Thuringia, Germany. REBEL SOULS aims to produce fast and raw death metal in the vein of VADER, VOMITORY or KRISIUN. Their debut delivers relentless, straightforward death metal with hints of thrash and black metal full of razor-sharp tremolo picking, bludgeoning riffs, sinister melodies, brutal growls and merciless blast beats. ... more

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Track Name: The Awakening
Track Name: Descent
Violent skies unleash their wrath
Thundering bolts through the night
Eerie gales storm through the trees
And downpour lashes through the land

Descending from the hall of the gods
Back to the killing fields
To slay the lambs of Christ

The terror that was brought to our lands
Shall be avenged
We slay the lambs of Christ

Donar's sign upon our chest
It thunders and it roars
Fueled by disdain
Seeking our revenge

The blades are burning
Deadly licking flames
The battlefield has changed
But the fight stays the same
Track Name: Acrimony
Religious fanaticism plants the seeds
Of fear and terror among the blind and ignorant
Politics of demagogy bring in the harvest
Fictitious war on terror to feed the interests

One-eyed among the blind
Preparing for perpetual war

The blind the follow the blind
Thus feeding the insatiable whore

Exploiting the grounds
Destroying our home
And fuelling acrimony

The masses are blind
And ignorance grows
While Earth dies in agony

This world stands no longer a chance to exist
If it fails to eradicate the disease
With acrimony
Track Name: Decay of a God
Created by a nation with fading faith in future
A nation that lost the hope for freedom

Submission as necessity to preserve the existence
The image of this resignation shaped their God

Castration against all nature into a God of benevolence
Who does not know the ardour of victory and destruction

This reduced divinity soon left His Chosen People
And crept into every private virtue

Spread His word, His hypocrisy
His will to nothingness, His denial of this world

Holy cosmopolitan, shorn of every strength - You shall leave!
Shorn of every virtue and passion - You shall fall!
Hybrid construction of decay - You shall burn!
Symbol of a staff for the weary - You shall die!

The contradiction to life
The decrepitude to strength

Castration against all nature into a God of benevolence
Who does not know the ardour of victory and destruction

God of all dark corners, God of decadence
God of the good, God of the weak

Conjured up out of emptiness,
Contradiction and vain imagining
Where all cowardice and weariness
Of the soul find their sanction
Track Name: The Elementar
Creation of the elements
Mercenary of nature
Invincible resistance
Misanthropic executioner

Supernatural battle force
Creature without conscience
Imperturbable defense
Annihilating doom machine

Helpless running, stumbling, tripping,
Crawling, screaming, crying, praying
They try to escape!

Ripping, smashing, mangling, crushing,
Murder, torment, rape and slaughter
That's your fucking fate!

Ungrateful worthless scum
You can't oppress nature
For every single attempt
Thousands have to die

He will rage
He will hunt

He will kill
Eternal disaster
Track Name: Dark Forces
Arising from beneath
Black silhouettes
Glowing in the dark
Red eyes in the night

A night that's dark and cold
Icy breezes blow
You realize in terror
The vile stench from below

Marching ...
Forwards ... with unholy strength!

Dethrone the feeble whore
His throne shall burn forevermore
The paths that led astray
Shall not be wandered anymore

Marching ...
Forwards ... with unholy strength!

Now they rage, fire everywhere
Deadly bolts, death in the air

The blind they get, what they deserve
Churches burn, to ruins in the dirt
Track Name: Fourfold Wrath
Storming through the land
It will blow through you
Immense powers shall tear us apart

Crushing against the shores
It will flood the grounds
Tidal waves shall drown us all

Sweeping through the land
It will cleanse the earth
Licking flames shall burn us to dust

Rolling over you
It will crush your corpse
Cold masses shall be our grave
Track Name: Doomsday
Blackened skies roar loud
Sinister and menacing
The visions soon shall become true
The day of doom's arriving

Clouds of thunder, clamorous
Glowing in the gloom
Burning raindrops spreading fire
Initiate our doom

Days of fury, days of anger,
Armament of thunder
This feeble place, so dear to you,
Shall soon be torn asunder

Death and mayhem, blood and fire
Just a lethal maze
The inevitable extinction
Of the human race

Wicked warlords, screaming, roaring
On their course of death
They rage towards you, frantic, evil,
Draw your final breath

Majestic darkness spreads its wings
Lifelessness remains
Light destroyed, all warmth is gone
Eternal darkness reigns